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Q & A
Age: 22, I'm pretty sure
Birthday: September 26
Currently: Blacksburg, VA
Permanent: MD
School: Virginia Tech
Major: Computer Engineering
Hobbies: Music, Rock climbing
Heritage: Polish
Drink: Coffee
Happy Thought: Pie
Fear: Suffocation
Tatt?: Soon enough
I am Mas
Words to Share
"Unbutton your clothes, undress your soul, show them your vigor.." -Our Lady Peace

"It doesn't kill you, it's not a one-way ticket to a lonely life. It might break your heart, but the physical risk is low. You might feel so bad that you wanna die but if you died you would never know, that it didn't kill you. Soon you would've felt better." -Fastball
More free things
Thursday. 6.19.08 10:15 pm
Lately, I've been ducking below social radar, avoiding people, not going out, etcetera. I still found the desire to go to karaoke (who wouldn't!) so I did and was met with a nice surprise. The DJ waved madly at me and when my back was turned, the bartender had my drink (Tom Collins) already on the table. I'm severely amused because I haven't been there in almost a month. "There" refers to Champs, a seemingly semi-seedy box-in-the-wall bar. Then the bartender didn't even charge me for the drink, or the Shirley Temple. He just charged me for fries. Plus, the door guy, named Sean, let me in without paying the cover. This is why I like seedy, hole-in-the-wall bars....if you like them, they like you, and they give you free things. It made karaoke night awesome++! Except for the guy I think was hitting on me, but didn't really do anything at the same time.

Dude, school is stressful.

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I love free coffee
Wednesday. 6.18.08 9:30 pm
So, my graduation money is starting to depress me. It's not that having money sucks, it's that I don't really get to spend it on what I want. It's all going to gas and bills and stuff like that. I just wish I could spend it on random things that I want (be it for a good reason or just because).
This may be useful because I always work on the floor. But then again it's a bit over the top. It just seems...comfortable.

I got a free coffee the other day. I lived on the same hall as a girl named Kim during my freshman year and at the time she was dating a guy named Chad who I believe was attending Duke. Anyways, Chad moved up to Tech my/our? sophomore year to be with her (or change schools, or both) and started working at the Daily Grind. In fact, his father owns the chain of Daily Grinds in Virginia, or something like that. But Chad and I, after sophomore year, rarely talked, let alone ran into each other. He and Kim broke up and I only saw Chad occasionally at the coffee shop, and still we rarely talked. So Chad was working and gave me a free coffee! Turns out it's his last week and he's going to go home for a bit and then to England for grad school. Nifty, huh? I was just ecstatic over the coffee because I didn't think Chad liked me too much. Still, Yay! Free coffee. Tastes all the more...bitter? Sweeter? ....tastes all the more tastier!

Now, to karaoke!

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Just talking
Tuesday. 6.17.08 1:06 am

Looks pretty and not-so-pretty at the same time. This is jawbone. It's supposed to eliminate noise and whatnot, but I think it's only pretty because the picture is pretty. I'm on the fence about it, though. What makes it so special (supposedly) is that it eliminates 'real world noise,' as opposed to fake world noise, and has no buttons, which I guess is special.

On another topic, the Vatican bans Dan Brown film Angels & Demons from Rome churches. The reason this interests me in the first place is because I read the book. I like the book a lot from a fictional standpoint, though I really don't think a movie could live up to the book at all. From a religious standpoint, the book is fairly appalling if not insulting, so I'm not sure why the producers didn't expect opposition from the church and just create sets in the first place. I guess we can wait and see if anything interesting happens.

Oh! And I found those speakers. They're nothing special, of course, but I'm still drawn to them.

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Sunday. 6.15.08 5:58 pm
Check these. I sometimes like to take up hobbies and/or projects and while (wile?) away the hours. I personally like these two:

When I finish my project, I might build a couple of these for fun. We'll see.

Now that I've got graduation money (I've had it for a month, actually), I want to spend it on random things. I definitely could use some speakers and coincidentally, I found a set of random starfish shaped speakers that I like. Go figure I can't find them anymore. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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Marketing works
Friday. 6.13.08 5:20 pm
From time to time, I like to believe I am person who is impervious to the unrelenting attempts of advertising to win me and my predilections over. However, I'm prone to cave if the product has an appealing name. For example, today I walked into the coffee shop and was presented with the following coffee options:
~London Underground Pub Blend
~Decaf (obviously I didn't find this blend worth remembering)

And while I may have an existing preference toward medium-dark roasts (or so the baristas tell me), I have to say 'London Underground Pub' by name alone won me over. Then again, I just a sucker for coffee.

On that note, something else that caught my attention.

And then their's this:

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Thai Ki
Tuesday. 6.10.08 4:59 pm
That's the name of the new Thai restaurant in town (or my parents' town). I'm about to try it out. They've already lost some brownie points. It might be because Easton is a small town, but they've got weird hours. Okay, so maybe it's not weird, but I'm not a fan. This place closes at 3:00 (coincidentally when I walk in the door) and don't open back up until five. I guess I can understand why they do it, but I often eat lunch around 3:00. I guess is small towns there is a secret understanding that food is a no-no between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00.

Disney World had pretty fireworks. It was one of the few fireworks displays that could actually manage to keep some of my attention. It was well organized and, even though the music was cheesy, I enjoyed it.

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